About Me

I am a science fiction author, software engineer, data scientist, and independent music producer.

My novella, Rites of the Renouncer, is out now!

I’ve done academic work in machine learning and follow recent developments in both machine learning and AI closely. I have a PhD in Geography from SUNY Buffalo and am a member of the ACM. My eclectic publication history (mostly remote sensing and quantitative social science) can be found here.

I am currently working as a software engineer at Cognitect.

Since 2018 I also write and produce (mostly) electronic music as PatternShift.

You can reach me by email at my first dot lastname at gmail.com, where I’m most likely to respond. You can also attempt to bug me at one of the social media links on this site.


This is my personal blog. The views expressed herein are mine alone and not those of my present or past employers.