I produce electronic music as PatternShift. For my latest releases or links to my music on stores and streaming platforms it’s best to visit the PatternShift site.

If you have read or are reading any of my science fiction, there are a few PatternShift releases that accompany the Vaskania Prime setting. I also use the PatternShift branding for my audiobook narration (my original science fiction, audiobook form available for free). The podcast is available on several platforms, links below:

Spotify | iTunes | Stitcher | Google Play | TuneIn | SoundCloud

If you’re interested in collaborating or using my music, just shoot me an email me at pattern shift synth at gmail, with the spaces removed.


PatternShift lets me recapture some of the magic I experienced in the late 1980s at my original DAW:

atari st 1040 korg ds-8