Four Evocations EP Released!

Four Evocations

Today I released my second EP, Four Evocations:

As usual, store and streaming services links are on the landing page.

A short note on releasing content in 2018

I’m currently working on a blogpost of what the experience of making and releasing music is like in 2018. I started notes and a draft post while going through the learning experience that was my first EP, but really didn’t feel it reflected much more than my own combination of inexperience, a bit of stubborness, and the corresponding follow up period spent feeling my way around in the dark.

I will say my experience with social media has not been particularly positive. I can give away a few teasers by linking to material by other creators. In particular, Veritasium’s video on facebook ads and the NY Times article on instagram bots line up with my experience pretty well. Here’s an email I received shortly after releasing the first EP:

I’m the founder of a startup which is an Instagram automation tool. It automates your liking activity based on your targeting and makes other Instagram users notice your account through notifications. The idea is simple: Whenever you like someone’s post, people see the notification and check your account and interact with your account if they like your content. It’s the best way to grow organically on Instagram.

And check out this twitter do-gooder account I ran into!

I’ve built this brand to 98k music loving followers, many famous artist, labels, DJs following… I believe nobody on social media has the platform for rising artist like I do.. i usually charge 65$ for post on my page but I’m absolutely open to offering you the lowest I offer at 30. Regardless I appreciate your craft. 3 permamant post where impressions range from 20,000 through 200,000 per post is what I’ll do for you g

Just a little time on each of the platforms and you’ll realize how infested with spam, fakers, and bots everything is. My TL;DR recommendation until the post is ready: support independent content creators and connect with them directly. Spend a little bit on ads/promo, sure, but the rest is best put back authentically into the community - supporting the BandCamp albums, Patreons, etc.

Until next time:

Be excellent