Rites of the Renouncer

My novella Rites of the Renouncer and its accompanying EP are out today!

The voyage from Earth to Vaskania Prime took more than a thousand years. When the embryo ship and its AI fleet arrived at the planet, its surface water was gone. After extensive terraforming and several failed generations, human beings can now live there, but something strange happens when they sleep. Without explanation they all enter the same Dream World. No one knows what it is, or what intelligence might be behind it. And sometimes, when their bodies wake, their minds don’t come back.

Three decades ago, Viktor Goto left the planet to make a new home in remote orbit on Oneiri Station. With AI assistance, he altered his body chemistry, using a mix of synthetic hormones and neurotransmitters. He spent his time training, learning to extend his REM sleep by several hours and project new powers into the Dream World. Now he’s back on Vaskania Prime to dream again and find out what happened to his childhood friend, Owen.

The EP is also out on Apple Music:


and most other platforms worldwide.

The novella is available as both a Kindle ebook and in paperback.

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