Wake of the Wanderer Album Release, Novel Preview

Wake of the Wanderer hit all streaming and store platforms last weekend! You can find the main streaming links on the PatternShift website, or pick it up on BandCamp (embedded player below).

I’ve been pushing the PatternShift sound in a cinematic direction for awhile, and Wake marks a culmination of that effort. If you’re looking for where to dive in, but feel a bit reluctant to just hit play on a 24 track album, good first listen options might be The Needle:

A Decent Cup of Coffee:

Or Neuromodulators:

The first three chapters of the novel are out in preview now, too! You can grab via these links: epub mobi pdf. The planned release date for the novel is November 2019 (this year), but I haven’t committed to an exact day yet. Making sure the final draft and edit are as good as possible is more of a priority for me at the moment than an exact deadline.

You don’t need to have read Rites of the Renouncer before checking out the novel or preview, and in fact I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who reads the preview chapters who hasn’t yet read Rites.