Wake of the Wanderer Novel Released

My novel Wake of the Wanderer came out this week! It’s available in kindle or paperback versions from Amazon.

Cover art by the talented Zhongxiu (Eric) He. The back cover blurb:

Hundreds of years ago, a self-replicating robotic fleet brought human embryos from Earth to the Vaskania system to establish a colony on the tidally-locked eyeball world, Vaskania Prime. But a mystery has confounded the settlers from their earliest days. All who fall asleep on the planet’s surface find themselves in a shared alternate reality: the Dream World. And some dreamers never wake up.

The Renouncers of Oneiri Station have dedicated their lives to exploring the Dream World. On a routine excursion, two Renouncers discover a clue left behind by the founder of their order—one that promises to upend their understanding of the planet’s history and the Dream World’s origins. As they race to unravel the Dream World’s secrets, the ancient powers that have been waiting inside it are beginning to stir.

I know it’s been a wait since the album was released. I spent that time making this novel as good as I could manage. Thanks for hanging in there!

Apart from that there’s not much to say: I poured a lot of myself into this book. I’m proud of it, and I think you should read it.

The audio book podcast will resume soon (starting from chapter two), and continue to be freely available on most platforms.